SmartHost Feature Announcements December 2023

Welcome Messaging, Show Devices, and Advanced Communications are just a few of the features highlighted


Automate your Welcome Message

This popular attribute just got better!

Many of you have told us that one of your favorite features of SmartHost is the ability to use a video to welcome your guests. We are happy to announce that this capability has been automated!

Adding a welcome video was previously only available by adding the ‘Host Welcome Message’ tag to a Content Item. Now, you can add the video to your Host Welcome Message calendar feature. When enabled, your guests will receive your welcome video during their first interaction with SmartHost. Your guests can also access your Host Welcome Message on-demand. Text and audio options remain available, but if you have an Echo Show in the property, video is an incredibly persuasive tool!

Click here for setup instructions 


Show Device Highlights

Giddy Up Horsey!Do you have Echo Show devices in your properties?

If not, let’s talk - you could be getting 3x the value from SmartHost! 

We continuously make improvements to SmartHost to enhance your guest experience and assist you with operational efficiency. Here are few key factors that Show devices offer:

  • Digital signage is powerful! The visually engaging Home Cards offer a way to highlight the unique SmartHost capabilities and also provides guests with helpful suggestions on how to make the most of their vacation. And we manage them for you!
  • Show devices display not only images but can share how to videos, troubleshooting tips and your personally branded Welcome card and video.
  • Guests have the option to speak to the device or simply tap the screen to make their selections.
  • If guests ask for something that the system doesn’t understand, they are offered a menu of options. The menu options are automatically organized - taking into account all the different content items and tags that are combined from applicable containers and property-level information.

Did you know that SmartHost supports approximately 900 different topics that guests can ask about? That’s a lot of information -- that we organize for you! 

Cards on Display

Home Card List-1Easy access to see what your guests see

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to see what Home Cards are in rotation at a given property? Now you can! Just navigate to a property and choose Alexa Devices from the menu. Then select the ‘Active Home Cards’ tab to see what cards are currently being displayed to your guests. 

Enhanced Communication

Messaging Graphic

Effective communication is essential for the success of any business.

Here are just a few examples of the communication feature enhancements.

  • Add contacts within your management portal so guests can reach you, hands-free, directly from the device. Add a name like "housekeeping" to your Other Contacts and guests can say, "Alexa, call housekeeping" to call direct.

  • Deliver the right message at the right time! Event-Driven Cards, when enabled automatically display important messages and helpful information throughout your guest stay.
    • Upon arrival, guests can be greeted with a personalized Host Welcome Card, which is automatically generated based on your guest's reservation dates. They are easily customizable to increase your brand awareness.
    • When you send a message to a guest, SmartHost will display a Notification Card letting them know that they have a message waiting for them, and how to play their notification.
    • If there is a gap between the current guest’s stay and the next guest arrival, SmartHost will display an Orphan Night Card, letting the guest know that they can extend their stay. 
    • As a guest’s departure date approaches, SmartHost will display a Departure Instruction Card providing the guest with simple instructions to access details about your check-out process.
    • Sending Guests Notifications is not only easy to do but its interface is also easy to find. Guest Messaging is now the first tab within communications.

    See the Knowledge Base for guidance on how to update your Contacts, Calendar Features, and Communication preferences.