Add Contacts

You can update contacts via Menu > Contacts or via hyperlinks strategically located throughout the system.

In your contact interface you can select which departments you want contacts associated. Contacts can be associated to one department, any combination of departments or all departments. Contacts must be associated with at least one department. If a contact prefers to receive Guest Reviews and/or Usage Reports but does not want to receive Maintenance, Housekeeping, or Front Desk requests, select Other and that will meet the requirement of at least one department association per contact and avoid the need to receive other department notifications.

Within the Contact Interface you are able add, remove, and specify who and how you would like to be contacted.

Utterances built into the system will forward guest inquiries to the appropriate department based on the nature of their request. For example, if a guest announces that the TV does not work SmartHost will respond with troubleshooting suggestions. (You should review all content to ensure responses are in accordance with your preferences and procedures.) If the troubleshooting suggestions do not meet the guest needs, they will have the option to notify maintenance. When the guest affirms the need for maintenance assistance, the system will send an email or text, based on your preferred method of contact, to the individual(s) associated with the Maintenance Department. When the system does not have any troubleshooting suggestions it will go directly to offering to contact maintenance.