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Xplorie is committed to providing value-added services, thus making your guests’ stay a more enjoyable and memorable event. Quality assurance is of primary concern to Xplorie, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you and/or your guests to resolve any issues that may arise.

Should a question or problem surface that cannot be handled, please contact Xplorie immediately. We understand that your guests are here to relax and enjoy themselves, and we will work diligently to resolve any issues in a stress free and timely manner. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to contact our office at any time with suggestions, questions, and/or concerns.

Helpful tips for happy guests

  • Know your properties well enough to provide not only the property description but the location and be able to make a personal comment about the property or location.
  • It is extremely important that you have a thorough knowledge of the Xplorie program and all of the activities offered. This will allow you to answer all guest questions and keep them excited about their stay!
  • Remind the guest to review the rules and restrictions of the Xplorie program, which can be found on the mobile platform.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I share this link?
Yes! The link can be shared with everyone in your party!

Do you have any tips before I call Xplorie for redemptions?

  • Yes! Mornings are usually busy, especially early in the week. Know your preferred activity day and requested time, but have alternatives available.
  • Skip the wait on hold! Utilize our callback service, which will hold your place in line or you can email us at and send us your name, phone number, and the property you are staying with, and a Destination Guide will reach out as soon as possible.
  • The best times to call are Thursday - Sunday, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. local time.

What are Additional Activities?
Additional Activities are admissions and rentals to local attractions that you can book through Xplorie.

Do I need to call in separately to book individual activities?
Xplorie Destination Guides can book your activities for the same day or on different days, all in the same transaction.

Can anyone book activities through Xplorie?
Xplorie is an exclusive service for guests staying with Xplorie participating properties.

If I need to cancel, who do I call?
You can call the same number you called to book your activity (click the book now button), and a Destination Guide will be happy to help you and explain any cancellation policies that may apply. Cancellation policies vary depending on the activity provider.

How will I receive my tickets?
All tickets are digital and will be received via email. Most tickets or vouchers will come from Xplorie, and there are a select few that will come by email from the local activity provider. If you have any questions regarding ticket delivery please use the book now button or chat button to speak to a Destination Guide.

Frequently asked questions: Complimentary offers

Does everyone in our party get to go for free?
You receive one free admission once daily to each of the listed offers. Valid for short term stays. All additional guests will pay the standard retail price and can be booked when you call Xplorie.

Does “every day of your stay” mean that if we are here 5 nights we can use 5 free admissions on the same day?
Complimentary admissions are noncumulative and unused admissions expire daily. You can go free every day but cannot use them all in one day.

I checked-in two days ago. Can I use those free admissions today?
Unused admissions expire daily.

Can I book my entire party through Xplorie?
Yes! We are happy and able to book your complimentary passes and any additional admissions when possible for yourconvenience. Some restrictions may apply with select activities.

Why do you ask for a credit card if I am only redeeming the complimentary offers?
The credit card is needed to hold and guarantee each activity reservation. The only way it would be subject to charge is if you do not show up and/or fail to cancel within the provided cancellation policy.

My son wants to redeem the free admission, but he’s only 16 years old. Can he redeem it?
Due to liability reasons, you must be 18 years or older to redeem the complimentary offers.

If I buy an admission directly from an attraction, can Xplorie refund me for my complimentary admission?
We are not able to refund previously purchased admissions. In order to receive your Xplorie free admissions, you must redeem them through Xplorie.


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