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SmartHost Key Elements Defined

Glossary of Terms and overview of how various key elements relate to each other

The 4 main components of SmartHost, including Category, Container, Property, and Content Items, play crucial roles in directing the flow of information and interaction with SmartHost enabled devices. How these features are built and linked together will ultimately determine the user experience and functionality of the device. Each component serves a unique purpose and contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the SmartHost system.

Glossary of Terms

Category: A category is the guiding mechanism within SmartHost that directs the flow of information. Containers and Properties must be associated to a Category, which can also have sub-categories. A higher-ranking Category will cascade down information to properties associated below it.

See Category Knowledge Base article for more details.


Container: A "bucket" that contains Content Item(s) that can be shared to more than one property. Gives users the ability to create one Content Item that can be shared to multiple properties. Ideally used for resorts or company information.

Example use case: Pet policy, resort pool hours, gate code. etc.

See Container Knowledge Base article for more details.


Properties: Provide users a dedicated space within the SmartHost management portal to maintain Content Items, communication, and calendar features that are specific to a property.

Content Items at the property level should only be relevant to the given property. If a Content Items can be offered to more than one property it should be built in a Container. 

The property's association with a Category determines which information will be shared with users who interact with the SmartHost-enabled device for that specific property.

See Property Knowledge Base for details on how to build a new property under management.

Sample Property

Content Items: Gives users the ability to write responses that SmartHost will provide to guests via Amazon Alexa device or Mobile platform. 

See Knowledge Base article for more details on how to publish Content Items

Sample Content Items

Video Overview of the 4 main elements of SmartHost and how they interact with each other.