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Error Device Status

What does error mean and how to remedy an error status

Once your devices are successfully linked to SmartHost they are locked into your Amazon Provisioning Account. They are also flagged by Amazon for SmartHost as a Hospitality account. They are no longer a basic Amazon device. As such the goal for Amazon is to make it difficult, if not impossible, to move SmartHost devices into a different provisioning account.

Occasionally a temporary error status may occur. In these incidents it can be quickly remedied by selecting the refresh button which pings the device. To refresh a device go to Account > Devices and select the refresh button for the device that is in error status.

What Causes Error Status?

Typically an error device status will occur if there was an attempt to physically move a device to a new location. If during the transition of a device from one property to a new property certain steps were missed or someone tries to connect the device to a new Amazon Provisioning Account without properly un-associating the device in the SmartHost management portal, it may go into Error status.

Ways to bring device back online

To bring your Show device back online, if it has gone offline, you will need to use the Rescue WiFi process. 

To bring a Dot device back online that has gone into error mode, it will need to be "force removed" from the SmartHost management portal. To submit a request to force remove a Dot device contact us at Support. After it has been removed from the management portal you will be able to re-install the device at the property. Hold down the action button to put the device into setup mode. If the device does not respond after 30 seconds, you may need to factory reset the Dot device. 

How to factory reset Dot devices.

  1. Put the device into setup mode.
    1. Press and hold the Action button and Volume down buttons at the same time until the light ring turns orange. (It is okay for the volume to go down to lowest level first, just keep holding both buttons down at the same time. Minimum 45 seconds.) You can let go when the light ring starts pulsing orange. The devices will transition to spinning blue and then it will spin orange and announce that it is in setup mode.
    2. If orange ring stops pulsing and stays solid orange, unplug the device, and plug it back in. The light ring should spin blue when you plug it back in. Wait for the light ring to change to spinning orange and announce that it is in set-up mode. The Amazon Echo device is now reset to factory defaults.
  2. Using the Alexa app, ensure that you are logged in with the correct SmartHost Provisioning account, not a personal account, and complete the device setup process.
    1. businessname@xplorie.com
    2. 123456x
  1. In the SmartHost portal, go to the property and then under the ‘Devices’ menu, hit ‘Add Device’. See Add a SmartHost Device for details.

When you ask your device, "Alexa, what account is this?" it should respond with, "I'm not sure who's speaking but your in guest's account." If the device responds with anything else, it will need to be reinstalled back to the correct provisioning account.

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