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Rescuing a SmartHost Device's WiFi Connection

Did your Show 8 lose WiFi connection? No worries! This guide will help rescue it.

When an Amazon Show device is not properly removed or unassociated from a property in the SmartHost management portal, the Amazon security features intentionally make the device inoperable. This is to protect the device from being operable if stolen. If, however, the device was improperly removed in error, there is a way to rescue it from being permanently inoperable.

Use Old WiFi Credentials

If you know the old WiFi network name and password, you can update a Hot Spot name and password to use the old WiFi credentials. When you change your Hot Spot name and password, keep in mind that the name and password must have the characters exactly as they were at their original location. Both are case sensitive. 

Rescue WiFi credentials

Select Account > Settings > WiFi Settings


To locate rescue WiFi Credentials you will need to select the Recovery WiFi button.

Follow the Recovery WiFi instructions below to connect the device to your accounts rescue WiFi credentials.

How to change Hotspot Name on an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Then select General > About > Name
  3. Next, tap the “x” in the text field to delete the current hotspot name.
  4. Finally, use the on-screen keyboard on your iPhone to enter a new hotspot name.

How to Change Your Hotspot Password on an iPhone
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Then select Cellular.
  3. Next, select Personal Hotspot.
  4. Then tap the text next to Wi-Fi Password.
  5. Next, use the on-screen keyboard to type a new WiFi Password. 
  6. Finally, tap Done.

How to change Hotspot Name on Android

  1. On your Android phone, launch Settings
  2. Then select Wi-Fi & Network > Hotspot & Tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot
  3. Select "Hotspot Name"
  4. In the "Hotspot Name" prompt, clear the existing name and type your new name
  5. Tap "OK."

Next Steps

After you have brought the device online you need to unassociate the device in SmartHost. After the device is unassociated from a property in SmartHost you be able to select a new network directly on the Show device.

For Show devices:

  1. Slide the screen downward from top to select settings > WiFi
  2. Select the correct WiFi network you would like associated to the device
  3. Input WiFi password
  4. Confirm you Amazon Provisioning Account password 

Congratulations, your device will now be associated to the new WiFi network.

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