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SmartHost Device Offline?

Simple ways to monitor and maintain online device status

Leaving devices online and accessible to your guests is simple in concept. However, like any device that requires internet access, you may run into situations that bounce the device offline. The first step to take when you have an offline device is to evaluate whether it requires inspection of the device at the property or not. Below are few examples of what may affect online status.

Device Unplugged

A device will go offline if it loses electricity. Power outages are a waiting process.

Devices that have been unplugged need only be plugged back into an outlet within range of the internet source.

Best practice suggestion: Have cleaners and/or inspectors include verifying that SmartHost devices are plugged in and working properly before leaving property.

Damaged Device

On rare occasions wires or the device, itself may be damaged. Upon inspection, if the device is damaged, let us know and we will quickly dispatch a replacement device.

Loss of Internet connection

Internet connection issues may be due to a temporary outage or the internet source and/or password was changed prior to updating the credentials on the device. Just like any other device that requires internet connection, if you don’t have the correct password or network name associated to your device, it is unable to go online. For temporary internet issues it is a simple waiting process; you need not dispatch someone to the property.

Device WiFi Credentials have not changed

  •  Ensure that the DSN on the device matches the DSN assigned in the SmartHost management portal for the property, and that the device is plugged in.
  • Ensure that there is WiFi available in the property.
  • Make sure that the device is plugged into a functioning outlet that has not had the GFI tripped or turned off at a light switch.
  • Make sure the cord to the device and outlet are connected properly and not damaged.
  • Unplug the device, wait 3 minutes, and plug it back in. Allow a few minutes for it to cycle through any saved WiFi credentials before asking the device a test question.

While the device may respond at the property it can take up to 10 minutes or more for the offline/online status to update in the SmartHost system.  

  • Make sure that the device has not been moved too far away from the router. If so, move it closer to the router. 
  • Make sure there aren't electronics in proximity that could interfere with connectivity.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi congestion. Turn off any Wi-Fi-connected devices not being used and see if this solves Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Dot Device

If all these steps fail you can factory reset Dot devices.

  1. Put the device into setup mode.
    1. Press and hold the Action button and Volume down buttons at the same time until the light ring turns orange. (It is okay for the volume to go down to lowest level first, just keep holding both buttons down at the same time. Minimum 45 seconds.) You can let go when the light ring starts pulsing orange. The devices will transition to spinning blue and then it will spin orange and announce that it is in setup mode.
    2. If orange ring stops pulsing and stays solid orange, unplug the device, and plug it back in. The light ring should spin blue when you plug it back in. Wait for the light ring to change to spinning orange and announce that it is in set-up mode. The Amazon Echo device is now reset to factory defaults.
  2. Using the Alexa app, ensure that you are logged in with the correct SmartHost Provisioning account, not a personal account, and complete the device setup process.
    1. businessname@xplorie.com
  1. In the SmartHost portal, go to the property and then under the ‘Devices’ menu, hit ‘Add Device’. See Add a SmartHost Device for details.

Show Device

WiFi Credentials were changed but not updated in SmartHost prior to change

If the internet credentials have been changed without updating them in SmartHost, prior to the change, you will need to visit the device to bring it back online.  

If the device was online during March 2024 Amazon update, you will be able to slide the no WiFi icon down to select a new WiFi network.

If you are not able to select a new WiFi network there are other remedies available. 

First Option:

Change the new WiFi Network Name and Password on the router back to the old name and password. This will sync the device to the credentials it previously had established and bring the device back online.

Network name and password must be identical to how it is defined on original source. (i.e., 'SpectrumSetup-28' must include each capital "S" and dash without space between. 'Spectrum setup 28' will not work. Must be entered as 'SpectrumSetup-28'.)

Second Option:

Recovery WiFi allows you the ability to sync your device to rescue WiFi credentials that are currently associated to your device. Go to Account > Settings > WiFi Setting tab. Select the Recover WiFi button at the bottom right of the tab and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Device Missing

If the device has been removed, it will appear offline in SmartHost. A good strategy is to look in drawers or cabinets to confirm that the guest has not unplugged the device and moved it out of immediate view. In the event the device has been taken, let us know. We will send a replacement device.

Need to report a WiFi issue or would like assistance?

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