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What is SmartHost?

Xplorie SmartHost is a specialized skill that works within the world of Amazon and Alexa.

Xplorie SmartHost is a specialized app that works within the world of Amazon Alexa and Smart devices. By opting into the use of SmartHost, you have entered a dynamic service that will make your properties stand above the competition.

Value Proposition

With SmartHost, guests receive information delivered in a way that many have become accustomed to in their daily interactions at home with their smart home electronics. However, unlike Alexa at home, this SmartHost interface provides your guests with personalized information from a local expert located within ear shot of their questions. They simply ask Alexa a question, and she will answer it for them, thanks to SmartHost technology.

Guests will have immediate access to all the things you would like to make available to them. No need to worry about adding complimentary ticket information, things to do, activities and adventures or places in the area. We have done all that data collection and work for you.

Examples of what your guests can experience via SmartHost:

  • Check in and check out.
  • WiFi Network and Password
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Guidance for dealing with trash & recycling.
  • Ability to notify you that the Guest needs maintenance assistance.
  • Restaurant, local shopping, and insider recommendations
  • Emergency contact information
  • Share parking, pool, house rules, etc.
  • Information about complimentary entertainment and attractions
  • Notify you they would like to extend their stay when dates are available.

You get the idea. There are tons of options and ways to provide each of your guests with a concierge, available to them 24 hours a day, which is always at their beck and call.