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Splash Page WiFi Access

Avoid Splash Page frustration

Option 1:

If some units provide guests with internet access after signing in on a splash page, request the HOA for the building(s) to provide you with an admin/backend login that allows owners to install their TVs on WiFi. SmartHost requires stability and direct WiFi access that other smart electronics like smart TVs also need. Whatever accessibility accommodations have been provided for other smart devices to avoid going through a splash page should also be made for SmartHost.

Option 2:

Another option is to ask the HOA who is the Captive Portal vendor the condo buildings are using to put up the splash screen. Do you think we could get someone from that vendor to speak with us? We are happy to assist. Typically, there is a 'switch' they can turn on in their software configuration that will expose a non-published SSID that we can use for the device WiFi.