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SmartHost Echo Show 8 Installation Guide

For additional assistance or questions, please contact us at SmartHostHelp@Xplorie.com

What You Need For Installation at Property:

  • Show Device
  • WiFi Credentials for Property (Network and Password)
  • Amazon Provisioning Account Credentials (Login and Password)
  • Laptop, tablet, smartphone, or support personnel with internet access.
  • SmartHost Login and Password

Upon Arrival at Property:

  • Unpackage Show Device and connect power cord
  • Devices typically require a software update that will run automatically. 
    **NOTE: software updates can take up to 20 minutes.

Installing devices at the property

The individual installing devices must have both the property WiFi network and password on hand. 

  • Plug device into an outlet that is conveniently located for guest use and for cleaners/inspectors to confirm functionality (plugged in) when they are in the property. 
  • Use the screen to select the appropriate WiFi network.  
  • Use device keyboard to add WiFi password
  • Save Password to Amazon
  • Next the device will request that you log into your Amazon Provisioning Account.
    • Username: businessname@xplorie.com
    • Password: 123456x

** NOTE: if the device requires a software update, it will begin after logging into the Amazon Account. 

  • Decline the music service offer if it appears. (Small “No thanks” text to decline.)

Your Device is now associated to Amazon 

  • Talk to the device. Say, “Alexa what time is it”. If the device responds with the time, the device has finalized its connection to the internet.
  • You can now add the device's DSN to SmartHost Management Portal or contact a co-worker with access to SmartHost Management portal to add it.

Ideally you want to add the DSN directly after installation to avoid confusion on where DSNs are located. 

Turn Amazon device into a SmartHost

On your laptop, tablet or phone, login to your SmartHost Management Portal

  • Username: businessname@xplorie.com 
  • Password: 123456x

There are two ways to add the DSN and select the property you want it associated to within the system. At Account level or at the Property level.

Steps to Add DSN and Associate Property at Account level:

Go to Account  ➤ Devices 


Select Action Button 
Select Add Device

The DSN(s) that are currently active in your Amazon Provisioning Account will appear in the drop-down menu under Serial number header. Keep in mind:

  • Newly installed devices will need to go through the setup process for association to the Amazon Provisioning Account before they will appear in the drop-down menu in SmartHost.
  • If you have more than one DSN in the Amazon Provisioning Account they will all appear in the drop-down menu. Select the arrow down button to see all available DSNs.

Select the DSN and corresponding property you want associated with each other, then select the Add button. Takes two minutes for the association process to complete. 

Steps to Add DSN at Property Level:

Select Property that you want to associate DSN then select Devices tab on left Menu

Select Action Button 
Select Add Device

Select the DSN you want associated to the property. 

Takes two minutes for the association process to complete.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the DSN for the physical device that is being installed at the property matches the DSN you have assigned within the Management Portal for said property. 

Need assistance associating a DSN?

Submit request here.