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SmartHost: 9 best practice tips

Optimize your system by keeping these key areas in mind

  1. Installing devices: You will receive your Alexa app credentials during your device installation training and your login credentials during your SmartHost system training.
    👍 When installing a device at a property, make sure you log into your Xplorie Amazon account not a personal Amazon account.
  2. Include checking on the device with your inspection checklist. Ask questions to confirm custom content is working. For example:

    Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 8.05.06 AM
  3. Adding a new property: Be sure to include updating the SmartHost system as part of your standard onboarding property build process.
  4. Guest awareness: Remind guests to use SmartHost to book free activities, contact you for housekeeping and maintenance needs, answer questions about the property, local attractions and to check-out. You can also warn guests not to try to install the Alexa device on their personal accounts.
    👍  These are hospitality devices. They are not designed to work on personal accounts.
  5. Property changes: Add notifying Client Success team to your standard property removal process when a property is scheduled to leave your management program or when WiFi network/password changes. 
    👍 Remember to remove devices from properties leaving your program.
    Devices should be unassociated from a property while still online before removed.
  6. Device status: Utilize the Device tab in your SmartHost system to see device inventory, statuses and to update property associations.
  7. SmartHost system communication: Be on the lookout for guest communication emails from your SmartHost system.
    👍  Check your spam folder and mark SmartHost correspondence as safe.
  8. Usage reports: Review usage reports monthly in your SmartHost for areas that may benefit from edits or new content within containers or properties to improve device response and guest experience.
  9. Missing devices? Notify Client Success of any lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

If you'd like to download a printable copy of these tips, click here

 If you have any questions, contact your Client Success Team at clientsuccess@xplorie.com