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Property Leaving Management Program

Simple steps to update SmartHost and Xplorie

When a property leaves your management program there are several steps you typically take to update the various areas affected by the change. Everything from removing linens from the property to removing listings from OTAs must be addressed.  Adding these steps to your current removal process will help streamline the process as it relates to your SmartHost device.

  1. Schedule disassociation of device from property within the SmartHost Management Portal for the day of removal and last day of internet access. You need internet access in order for the device to be online, which is required for disassociation. 
    1. To disassociate a device go to Account > Devices then select button with arrow for the property you want to remove device association. It will take the system 2 minutes to update.  
    2. Do not unplug or remove the device until the system has been updated and device shows online and no property associated to the DSN.
  2. Remove the SmartHost device from the property when you remove other company inventory. (i.e., linen and signs) The SmartHost device should be returned to a location designated for safe storage (i.e. office, inventory closet). Preferably a location that the device has a saved WiFi connection within it. (See WiFi Locker for more details).
    1. The Unit ID need not be changed.
    2. You can change the property name to Placeholder Property or any naming convention that will help you note that the property can be repurposed. A SmartHost placeholder property can be edited with new property details when you sign on a new property. If you prefer, we can delete inactive properties from the system. Just let us know.
      1. To access property details to update name, address and custom content, from within the Group > Properties section select the eye button. It will take you to the selected property's custom content interface.

IMPORTANT: Devices associated to a property may incur a monthly subscription fee.   All devices that are not currently being used at a property need to be unassociated from properties within the management portal.