Maximize your branding within SmartHost

Take your SmartHost Show device to the next level with videos

You already know that SmartHost can answer thousands of guest queries without tying up your call center. Those questions range from area attractions, to troubleshooting tips, to how to operate electronics. SmartHost can also inform you that guests are checking in, checking out, in need of housekeeping, or having a maintenance issue.

But did you know that SmartHost can reinforce and feature your company's brand and voice as well? Highlighting your brand is easy with a SmartHost Show 8 device, where you can upload instructional videos to help guests make the most of their accommodations and vacation.

Have fun! Get the superstar personality on your staff (wearing logo-festooned apparel, of course) to host your video clips and add your company name and logo to the introductory and ending frames.

Below, we discuss a few great videos to consider adding on your SmartHost Show 8.

Welcome video

With an SmartHost Echo Dot device, your company name can be mentioned in your welcome message. But with a SmartHost Show 8 you can go a step further to include a friendly video that encapsulates the hospitality and personality of your brand. Check out this great example from our partners at Mountain Laurel Chalets:

Troubleshooting tips video

While the SmartHost Echo Dot lets you provide verbal cues —like how to remove a hot tub from sleep mode or how to operate the thermostat - upgrading to the SmartHost Show 8 device lets you provide video tutorials. You'll look like a hero AND remind your guests why your hospitality always brings them back for more.

Operational guidance video

Does on of your rentals have a tricky TV that guests often struggle with operating? There's nothing better than a video to lead guests through the process. Guests will associate your brand with helpful, efficient answers provided exactly when they're needed.

Feature services video

Want to feature the restaurant on property? Have a gym a tricky key card entry? Whatever the special feature is, consider including a video. You're hospitality will stand out and guests are sure to appreciate the added assistance.

👍 Videos are great way to reinforce your brand with your guests in a subtle but highly effective way.