Enabling direct calling through your SmartHost device.

Create a SmartHost voice contact (including name and phone number) so guests can ask Alexa to place a direct call

You might find it useful for your guests to be able to call certain numbers directly from their SmartHost device. Perhaps you'd like them to be able to extend their stay, schedule treatments at your on-site spa, or make a reservation at your restaurant. If so, read on to find out how to enable direct calling.


Step 1. - Select Contacts from the Account dropdown at the top right of the screen

There you will see your contacts screen where you manage voice, email, and text contacts. Select Voice-Only Contacts tab (highlighted below).

contacts nav callout

Step 2. Create your voice-only contact

In the Voice-Only Contacts tab, you can simply create a voice contact with a name and phone number. 

👍 Be sure to include the country code. 

Voice contacts admin

That's it, you have created your first voice-only contact! Now, anytime a guest asks Alexa to call the contact, the call will be placed. 

Below, you'll see a list of your existing contacts plus where you can edit each contact's information or remove a contact entirely. 

COntacts admin list view

👍 Be sure to test your new voice-only contact by asking Alexa to call your contact name. 

Do you have questions or need assistance?

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