Building Value with Xplorie's Guest Email Journey

How Xplorie’s email journey creates valuable touch points from the moment guests book their stay

Starting when a guest reserves one of your properties – and continuing through their stay and beyond – Xplorie sends a series of emails on your behalf. Set up during your program onboarding, the email journey is designed to communicate the added value guests receive through your partnership with Xplorie.

How do Xplorie’s guest emails benefit my business?

Our emails are designed to convey your brand (including your logo) and are just one of the many ways that we help you communicate the added value you’re providing through our free and discounted activities. Some tangible business outcomes are: 

  • You’ll increase brand loyalty – and repeat bookings – because your guests will associate your brand with exceptional hospitality. 
  • You’ll get more – and better – reviews when guests have a vacation experience that exceeds their expectations.

Each email your guest receives will include a link to their personal booking page so that they can easily book their activities online both before and during their stay.

Have questions about how guests book activities? Read our FAQs

How do my guests benefit from these emails?

  • Our emails feature targeted, customized activity suggestions that take the guesswork out of vacation planning for your guests. 
  • From highlighting your destination’s “must-do” activities, tours, and attractions to providing direct links to a personalized online booking page (plus easy access to our knowledgeable and friendly Destination Guides), we make sure your guests have everything they need to craft the perfect stay.

What makes Xplorie’s Guest Emails unique?

  • The number of emails sent and their cadence are adjusted based on the window of time between the guest’s booking and their arrival (a shorter window means fewer emails)
  • Our emails are optimized to send at key points in the guest journey: from post-booking (and excited for their trip) to in-property (and happily vacationing) and finally, post-departure (and dreaming of their next vacation). This cadence is based on years of historical performance as well as continuous monitoring and testing. 
  • Our emails showcase the best activities in your destination – provided by our hand-picked activity partners – keeping guests engaged and excited from the moment they book all the way through their stay and beyond.

What do Xplorie’s guest emails look like?

Our clean, modern email designs are optimized to adhere to email marketing best practices. Example emails include:

  • img-collage-emailIntroductory email: Conveys the value your company provides by offering savings on best-selling activities.
  • “Three days before arrival” email: Creates urgency (“book before they sell out!”) and builds excitement around potential experiences and activities.
  • “Day of arrival” email: Reminds guest of the savings they can receive on the best activities available in your destination – all thanks to booking their stay with you.


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