Xplorie's Guest Email Journey

Target guests — and build loyalty and revenue — at just the right time with our expertly crafted post-booking and in-destination email campaigns.

As mentioned, a series of Xplorie Program-specific emails will be sent to your guests throughout different stages of the guest life cycle. These emails are automatically set up through Xplorie during your program Onboarding.

What goals do Xplorie Program Emails address?

  • Educate your guests on what the Xplorie Program is and how to redeem the activities.
  • Remind guests of the value you are providing them daily.
  • Keep guests excited and engaged from the time of booking all the way through their stay.
  • Highlight popular activities and local favorites.
  • Provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Encourage guests to explore their Xplorie Program for up-to-the-minute relevant information.

What makes Xplorie Program Emails unique?

We create email cadences specific to each booking: the number of emails and their content will depend on the individual booking window (time between booking and arrival). 

Some potential email subjects, in order of delivery, follows:


  • Learn How to Use Your Complimentary Activities
  • Your Stay Includes Complimentary Activities through Xplorie
  • 3 Popular Attractions for your Upcoming Trip
  • Looking for the Local Hidden Gems on your Upcoming Trip
  • It's About Time to Start Packing


  • Booking Your Activities is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Your vacation rental includes a SmartHost with Alexa
  • Don’t forget about easy checkout


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