How to utilize Xplorie's Program Deliverables

Using Xplorie's marketing deliverables to help promote your exceptional guest experience throughout your guests' travel journey

Your deliverables folder is shared with you via a file transfer download link. Included in your deliverables are the following folders:

  1. Email Setup
  2. Website Setup
  3. Social Media
  4. In Room Printable
  5. Your Xplorie Program 

Email to be sent a file transfer of your deliverables.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 1.48.05 PMEmail setup

A series of program-specific emails will be sent to your guests throughout different stages of the guest life cycle. These emails are automatically set up through Xplorie during your program onboarding.

Xplorie program emails: 

  • Educate your guests on what the Xplorie Program is and how to redeem the activities.
  • Remind guests of the value you are providing them daily.
  • Keep guests excited and engaged from the time of booking all the way through their stay.
  • Highlight popular activities and local favorites.
  • Provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).
  • Encourage guests to explore their Xplorie Program for always up to date information.

To ensure email deliveries from Xplorie we have provided a few items in
your deliverables under Email Setup:

  • The first paragraph should be inserted into your current booking confirmation email. We encourage you to inform the guest of the service you are providing as often as possible to enhance the guest experience.
  • The second paragraph can be inserted into your current rental agreement as another touch point.

Website setupScreenshot 2023-03-15 at 1.52.30 PM

Marketing your Xplorie program on your website is a key component to maximize the benefits of the Xplorie service. We encourage that you utilize the materials we have provided in your deliverables folder.

Example Placement:
In your Deliverables folder from Xplorie you will find examples of how to use the provided materials throughout your site. To ensure guests are aware of the services you are providing it is best to add content about the program to as many locations throughout your site especially those that funnel the most traffic like home, search results, unit listings, etc.

In the Icon folder of your deliverables you will find an icon to attract the guests attention and lead them to units that include the complimentary activities you offer. We have provided a variety of colors and formats for your use. Please look at the Example Placement folder to see a variety of ways you can use the icon and pay special attention to the example unit listings for ideas.

Suggested Content:
It is important to highlight your Xplorie program throughout your website to ensure guests are aware of all the great services you are providing. Within your deliverables in the Web Setup folder you will find two documents of suggested content you can use on pages like your home page, search results page, about us page, especially on unit listings, and any additional pages you may have regarding local or destination information.

SmartHost Images:
In this folder you will find Images that can be used in conjunction with any copy you would like to add to your site about SmartHost in your rentals (please see suggested content).

Landing page, web buttons, and social mediaScreenshot 2023-03-15 at 1.59.56 PM

Marketing your Xplorie program online is more important than ever. Guests are much more likely to book accommodations online so make sure they are seeing all the value you are providing on social and your site.

Program Landing Page:
Marketing your Xplorie program has never been easier. Xplorie provides a responsive web page that is color matched to your existing website and provides guests with brief descriptions of the activities offered. Showing potential guests the additional value you are providing during their shopping stage will allow them to be more flexible with their vacation dollars.

Instructions on installation methods are provided in the READ ME document in the ‘Landing Page’ folder of your Deliverables. We strongly suggest the last option, utilizing the iframe for a 'set it and forget it' approach. This allows our team to maintain program changes and updates automatically.

Site Navigation Menu:
When using the iframe method for your landing page it is best practice to add a new page to your website rather than using an existing one. We suggest using a name that will be easily understood by guests when they see it in the navigation menu.

For example: Free Fun, Area Attractions, Local Activities, Xplorie Free Activities, etc. This will also be the page you link your web buttons to.

Web Buttons:
The web buttons located in your program deliverables can be used anywhere on your site to link to your program information. They are an image file designed to entice guests to view your free activities. We suggest placing them on your home page above the fold, on your search results page, and on your individual unit listings to achieve maximum exposure. Examples can be given
upon request.

Social Media:
We have provided photos for each activity on your program approved for use on your social media channels to advertise the Xplorie Program. Please see the social media folder in your deliverables.

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