Promoting Activities on your Listing

How to differentiate your properties on OTAs (and your direct-booking website)

Add activities to your headline/title

As travelers research their vacation and scroll through search results on OTAs, features or benefits that translate to real monetary value (like Xplorie’s activities) make properties stand out from the crowd. Be sure that travelers who are researching their vacation online find your properties – AND find them preferable to comparable listings! 

Unit headlines and titles, both on OTAs and your direct-booking website, are a highly visible and effective tool for communicating the value provided by Xplorie activities. Check out the examples below:

Headline Examples: 

Free Ski Rentals with Beautiful, Large Home with Hot Tub

2-Story 5 Bed, 4 Bath Home with $400 of free activities

Add activities to your listing descriptions 

A second way to show your business’s unique value to travelers – and get them to click the ‘book now’ button – is to add your Xplorie activity program information into your property description fields. 

Bonus: it’s easy to propagate the Xplorie message across platforms because the listing description you enter in your PMS feeds both your website and your OTA listings!

Be sure to include your daily savings amount and popular activities

Description Example:

Your stay includes $350.00 in complimentary activities. Just by booking with us, you’ll receive free tickets, every day of your stay to top activities like golfing, water parks, parasailing, and more.

Replace 1) the $ amount above with your daily value of activities and 2) the activities listed with those on your program - use the company name of the activity if it is well-known!

Add activity images to each listing’s image gallery

Our third suggestion for differentiating your properties is to include activity photos in your image galleries. Make your added value apparent at a single glance by showcasing action-packed images alongside the standard interior, exterior, neighborhood, and area photographs. 

To make it simple, we’ve made sure that your onboarding deliverables includes an image that can be used for marketing the best activities from your program.


For a more detailed outline of our recommendations, read our Program Marketing Best Practices.


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