Best Practice Guidelines for Guest Calls

Explain "free fun" to guests and make a positive impact – because you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Make First Impressions a Priority

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Your greeting is your first opportunity to make a positive impact on a guest. It’s a simple step, but it is too often overlooked. Remember to be enthusiastic, your tone of voice is important “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

  • Greetings should always include: A thank you, your company name, your name,
    and an offer of assistance.
  • Use "Please," "Thank You," "Yes, Ma’am," and "Yes, Sir" when speaking with guests.

Personalized Service Shows You Care

Personalized service can set you apart from the competition. Guests will either provide you too little or too much information. In either event, your objective is to get to know your guest and their interests, to better understand their needs.

  • Using your guest’s name sounds simple but these small gestures can be trust builders.
  • Find out why they chose their destination and what they like to do on vacation.
  • Have you stayed with us before? Is there a particular home they are interested in?

Recognize and Acknowledge Guests

Whether it’s a return guest or a new guest you want them to know you appreciate their business and their experience is important. Remember they’re looking for a vacation and you’re here to make it special.

  • "Great, we are glad to have you back! How did you enjoy your last stay?"
  • "Great, we are looking forward to having you stay with us! Are there any questions I can help with?"

The Value of “Free”

Always go over the additional value the Xplorie program brings. Whether speaking to a young spring breaker, a passing guest on a business trip, or a family of four, never underestimate the influence free admissions can make on a guest’s decision.

  • Maximize guest experience: Suggest offered activities that would best suit the guest’s likes or recommend new and interesting activities.
  • Represent daily value: Our Xplorie program represents a daily value of up to [$ . ] every day of your stay, and is our gift to you for staying with [Company name].


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