Communicating the Value of Xplorie to our Homeowners

Show current – and prospective – homeowners how Xplorie’s activities and technology differentiate your property management services

Owner BrochuresYour partnership with Xplorie helps ensure that your homeowners will achieve maximum earning potential in the competitive vacation rental marketplace. In fact, Xplorie's guest engagement solutions are an integral part of the service you offer.

To help you convey the full value of Xplorie's programs and technology to homeowners, we've created owner-focused marketing materials. The following documents can be printed or emailed to homeowners to illustrate how Xplorie elevates their listings throughout the travelers' journey: from research, to booking, to – most importantly – booking again. 

Owner Brochures 

Click on the appropriate link below to download your printable/email-able owner brochure. If you aren't sure which Xplorie programs and services you subscribe to, please reach out to your client success team at the address in the footer.

Experience Light

Experience Light + SmartHost

Experience Pro

Experience Pro + Smarthost

Smarthost Only


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