Booking Xplorie Activities

Whether online or through our Destination Guides, guests can book activities before and during their stay


For markets with ecommerce:

How to book activities

Once a guest has made a property reservation, Xplorie will email them a personalized and unique activity-booking link. The booking link allows guests to book any activity in your program, including complimentary activities (Experience Pro programs only). Using the link, guests can select activities and complete their reservations via online check-out as well as call our Destination Guides for assistance and more information.

Each email a guest receives as part of their Xplorie guest email journey will contain their unique activity-booking link. This link is functional from the time their lodging reservation is made through the last day of their stay, and can be used to book activities for anyone within the guest’s party.

Note: Activities can still be booked via phone with our knowledgeable and friendly Destination Guides – the phone number is included in all Xplorie guest emails.


Have a guest who can’t find their activity-booking link?   If the guest cannot find an email from us after checking their inbox and spam folders simply have them fill out this form using their reservation information and their booking link will display on screen real-time. (This form is also linked on your printable) 

If their booking link is not found, it could be for the following reasons:

  • They have used incorrect information or information that does not match their reservation.
  • Their reservation information has not yet made it into our system via data integration.
  • Their reservation was made using an OTA that does not push the guests email address over with the data such as AirBnB.

If any of these errors occur the guest will be prompted with a phone number to call our Destination Guides for assistance.


All the activity details guests want and need 

Our activity-booking link is more than a shopping cart. It’s an informational storehouse that offers guests an easy, online way to browse activities in your program. Advanced search functionality allows guests to browse by activity category and sort according to  personal preferences (such as price). Detailed information such as hours of operation, what time to show up, and what to bring plus pricing, descriptions, and images are included for each activity. 

All activity information is kept up to date through a combination of API integrations and Xplorie’s ecommerce team.


For more details about booking activities, read our FAQs.

Contact Client Success at



For markets without ecommerce: 

Guests will receive access to the booking page via email. There, they can browse details about any activity on your program, including complimentary activities (for Pro programs only).

Each activity contains detailed information such as hours of operation, what time to show up, what to bring, pricing and more.

  • Tap the "View" icon to access each activity
  • SmartBlocks supply guests with up to date information, anytime - anywhere.
  • Remember: An Informed Guest Is A Happy Guest!

The tool bar consists of three actions:

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 6.02.15 PM

  1. Book Now: The Book Now button will connect guests directly to a live Xplorie Destination Guide to start booking their fun.

  2. FAQ: The FAQ button will link to frequently asked questions about how to book activities and any special updates.

  3. Chat: The Chat button will connect guests directly to chat with an Xplorie Destination Guide to answer any activity questions they may have.